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It's goodbye but, we've got one more night.

Throw it away, forget yesterday, we'll make the great escape.

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we'll make the great escape ★

BEATRICE; ♥ Sixteen. 03.24.92. Very tall. Likes to laugh. Akward moments define my life. Trips on flat surfaces. Unleashes her inner nerd everyday at 3pm. A gamer. Draws. Piano. Icon maker. LIKES; House. Friends. Anime. Code Geass. Manga. Tsubasa RC. Spongebob. Artisan Crafts. Photos. Joe Jonas. Starbucks. Converse. Final Fantasy. Cloud Strife. DS Lite. PSP. Food. Zack Fair. DISLIKES; Spiders. Making choices. Tests. Shrimp.
yokou is FRIENDS ONLY, So drop a comment and lets be friends. (:

"Throw it away, forget yesterday. We'll make the great escape. We won't hear a word they say, they don't know us anyway. Watch it burn. Let it die.Cause we are finally free tonight." ♥